BEST Liège is a local group of BEST (Board of European Student of Technology), an international non-profit organization managed by students. BEST brings more than 3300 European students.

Since its creation in 1989, BEST keeps growing around its vision (empowering diversity) while pursuing its mission (developing students). An active network composed of 95 local groups (LBGs) spread into 32 European countries allows its smooth running and its growth.

Local and international events are organized around Europe to allow a multi-cultural exchange between students. BEST it gives you big opportunities to travel around Europe and meet other people. BEST Liège is a local group situated on the beautiful campus of the Liège Université. The major events organized by our LBG are: EBEC which is a competion that requires technical and social skills and The summer course, which is a summer course that takes place every year.


      Bertrand, Alexis

Bertrand, Alexis



      Jamotton, Gilles

Jamotton, Gilles



      Bertin, Anne

Bertin, Anne



      Horata, Mazlum

Horata, Mazlum

Vice-President for Human Resources


      Kwan, Oswin

Kwan, Oswin

Vice-President for Corporate Relations


      Thielens, Elric

Thielens, Elric

Vice-President for Public Relations




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EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is an European competion (organised by BEST) for university students in the engineering branch. It is divided into 3 rounds:

  • The first one is local and organized by each LBG (Local BEST group).
  • The second round is regional and includes winners of each LBG that passed the first round.
  • The final is organized somewhere in Europe by a LBG

EBEC combines two distinct challenges: a case study and a team design.

  • The case study consists in a theoretic problem resolution that requires analysis, reserch and debate capacities. The resolutio of the problem should be defined in a limited period of time and explained verbally.
  • The team design challenge is a practicl challenge that requires complementary skills compared to the case study: pragmatism and et imagination are keys needed to create a prototype corresponding to specifications given at the beginging of the challenge. Moreover the time, the students have materials that are limited.

The objectives of EBEC are to develop an analytical mind, the teamwork, pragmatism as well as the creativity of engineer students in a complementary way in studies. In particular, EBEC gives a self-enrichment with a view on different cultures and student gatherings around Europe. But also to focus on the intellectual aspect by highlighting original solutions develpod by student to solve the problems asked. Futhermore, The different rounds of EBEC, and in particular the final, are occasions where students and companies can interract each others.

Summer course

For the last news, go check out our dedicated website!

We planned a summer course...

...as every year, you would say ! But this year, the local BEST group of Liège put on a big spread...

About 150 students across Europe applied for this event, and 22 of them where selected for the adventure. For those 22 lucky ones, on their way to Liège to discuss energy for a week with the Professor Damien Ernst and discover new sides of it. They had the opportunity to learn more on belgian and european future of energy management thanks to the contribution of our partner companies.

Of course, the discovery deepened of Belgium from all sides was present. Trip to Bruges, visiting the Curtius brewery behind the scene, forced escalation of "les coteaux de la citadelle" between to cones of fries,... All elements were united to give all an outline of our nice country and of our "Cité Ardente".

Summer Course organized by BEST everywhere in Europe always contain three main ingredients:

  • An academic part: the students are as part of their studies there to develop competences and to make discoveries in domains which they are familiar with or not.
  • A cultural part: the discovery of places, their history and habits of their inhabitants makes integral part of what makes a BEST course.
  • A social part (undoubtedly the most important): it is a question of spending unforgettable time with people that one would have never met in another way, all in a good atmosphere to get used to create true exchanges and contacts everywhere in Europe.

This summer course did not infringe from the rule, and our participants had the pleasure of participating in many games and theme parties we had prepared for them throughout the event.

Deepened and nocturnal visit of the historical right-angled heart of Liege, tasting of regional products and other special beers, international evening to introduce and taste the specialities of 17 represented countries, and other inevitable traditions "made in BEST".

In no-claims bonus for this 2017 edition, the participants introduced their hard work during an interactive public conference called "L'Europe invente l'énergie de demain à Lièch" at the Liège town hall. Their accounts were supplemented by the intervention of energy experts from Liège area: Lampiris, CE+T Power, CMI et IEM Power Systems.

For the participants, living a summer course is being amazed, discovering, having a good time while making dozens of new friends across Europe. Connections which are sometimes kept for a long time. Thus, a participant of our 2013 summer course regularly pays us a visite.

For the organizers of BEST Liege, it is opportunity to get out of their student's comfort zone of the "FSA" and make in team a concrete project of very big wingspan. We all came out exhausted but growned up by this tremendous project.

Want to go for the adventure ? Summer (but also autumn, winter and spring!) courses are opened to all students of the Liège university coming from technical sections (Applied Sciences, Sciences, Medicine, Computer Science, Mathematics or else Business School for courses based more on soft skills) and participation costs only 40 euros!

Chiara's account : a journey for education in Europe

"Last summer I went to my first Event on Education. It was one of the greatest weeks in my entire life. I met people from all over Europe. We worked together, learning about them, their culture and their country. We were all very excited to be a part of tomorrow’s education by finding new learning methods or improving the existing ones. Work hard, party harder they said… And that’s exactly what happened in Rome. After the sessions we partied almost all nights long. What made those parties unforgettable was the fact that we only knew each other only for a few hours and we had so much things to tell or to listen to. At the end of the week, we all realized that something special happened in our lives and we were really sad to say goodbye, knowing that we will probably never see some of those amazing people again. A BEST event is something you should definitely experience at least once in your life!"

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